Why You Need The LeafGuard Gutter System

One-Of-A-Kind Seamless Gutter Design

The most important reason to get a LeafGuard gutter system is because it’s one of the best leaf protection and rain water management systems on the market. If you are looking to protect one of your biggest investments, you want to get the best gutter protection available. LeafGuard can help give you piece of mind. All gutters carry water away from your home, but not when they clog. LeafGuard’s patented debris shedding design keeps it clog-free guaranteed! So water flows away from your home. LeafGuard works better than gutter covers, hoods or helmets that add bulk to your home and gutters because it is a one-piece system.

Say Goodbye to Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to spill over your gutters and damage your roof, siding, insulation, even your foundation! Ordinary gutters can get clogged by ordinary leaves, twigs and other debris that can fall into them on an everyday basis. When water pools on the ground below from clogged gutters, it can lead to surface erosion, damaged landscaping, and can seep into your foundation causing cracks and basement flooding! If water spills behind your gutter, the wood of your fascia, soffit and rafters can rot and become damaged. This can even cause your gutters to fall off or pull away from your home. With LeafGuard’s clog-free guarantee, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Our gutters will move water quickly and efficiently from your home!

Gutter Hoods, Filters and Screens Create More Problems

Gutter filters, helmets, screens and hoods can still get clogged. You’ll still have to get up on that ladder to clean out your gutters. That’s not only a pain to stick your hands in that gunk but being up on the ladder can be dangerous. Plus, add-on toppers, helmets and hoods are often attached under your roof with screws or nails. This leaves holes in your roof that can cause leaks and even void your roof warranty.

Choose LeafGuard and Worry No More

Clogs can even attract pests, insects, mold and bacteria. But with LeafGuard you don’t have to worry about all the hassle of clogged gutters.

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