Why LeafGuard  Gutters Are Better Than Two-Piece Systems

Flaws of Two-piece Gutter Guards and Gutter Cover Systems

Most two-piece gutters consist of an ordinary open gutter with a gutter cover or gutter guard installed above it, or it refers to a gutter with a gutter screen installed on top of it, attached either to the gutter itself or to the roof.

By definition, a two-piece gutter guard is not fully seamless and leaks can occur. A two-piece system usually consists of a seamless open gutter bottom which holds and channels the water AND a separate gutter guard or gutter cover, which is attached to the roof and hangs over the gutter. Most of these gutter covers or gutter guards come in three-foot sections and are not seamless.

In addition, the gutter and gutter guard or gutter cover, are separate, which makes the fascia and soffit vulnerable to water damage. By installing a gutter guard or gutter cover under the shingles of your roof, debris and leaves that do not slide over the gutter cover, can become trapped, causing build-up and clogs. Plus, two-piece gutter guards and gutter covers can detach in high winds, and their design makes them weak and vulnerable to damage from ladders and tree limbs. But not LeafGuard!

Seamless Gutter System with Clog-Free Guarantee

If you are serious about protecting your home from water damage, get the best gutter system for homeowners. Get LeafGuard!

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