Why LeafGuard  Gutters Are Better Than Gutter Screens

Gutter Screens Have Limited Value and Reliability

The practice of attaching gutter screens to the tops of open gutters is intended to keep leaves and other debris from collecting inside them. These aluminum or wire mesh screens are installed over the top of the open gutter and held in place by clips or screws. They are generally sold in 3 ft or 6 ft lengths.

While gutter screens can be an inexpensive method of keeping debris out of open gutters, they are also difficult to install and have some inherent flaws. The clips that hold the gutter screens in place, have no strength, and can break easily. Plus, gutter screens can detach in high winds, and their design makes them weak and vulnerable to damage from ladders and tree limbs.

LeafGuard Gutter Guards are Reliable and Effective

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