Step-by-Step of how LeafGuard is Installed on Your Home

Having new gutters installed on your [seolocation] home is a major investment, especially if you’re wary of what type to get. To make sure that you choose the right type and the best company for the job, make sure you do some research. For instance, at LeafGuard[oflocation], we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing a unique and exceptional product as well as fantastic service. Our installation process is uniquely remarkable in that we make sure the gutter installation benefits your home in ways that others cannot. We come out to your home and roll-form your gutters on-site after we’ve taken precise measurements. Additionally, we use spaced internal hanging brackets and screws rather than nails or spikes to offer greater support for the gutter system. It’s also equipped with a built-in arched hood. The entire process we use creates a more efficient and higher quality gutter system that will look great and not damage your home in any way, including the keeping intact the roofs’ warranty.

LeafGuard Installation and Benefits:

  • On-site formation: We inspect your [seolocation] home to determine your gutter needs. This includes removing your old gutters, inspecting your fascia board for damage, and filling in the existing holes from your old gutters. Afterwards, we take precise measurements of your home’s gutter space to ensure that we create the perfect fitting gutters. We’ll then form them on-site in our “factory on wheels”, which severely cuts down turnaround time.
  • Internal Hanging Brackets: Our hanging brackets are spaced every two feet apart inside your new gutter system to offer greater support and help prevent sagging gutters. These are used to attach your new gutter system to your fascia board by way of screws.
  • Screws Instead of Nails: Using screws instead of nails for our gutter installation greatly reduces any chance of sagging since there is no risk of the screws slipping out of place due to extreme weight burden or just over time. The screws also help keep water out of your fascia board and soffit, preventing damage.
  • One-Piece Hooded Protection: Our patented one-piece gutters, are one-piece because the protection system (arched hood) is formed to be a part of our seamless gutters. This design keeps you from having to install aftermarket gutter guards that can void your roof’s warranty if not properly installed.

At LeafGuard[oflocation], we use our knowledge of gutters to go the extra mile and ensure your new gutters are flawlessly installed. Upon completion, we do a thorough inspection to make sure the job has been completed properly. We take this extra measure to instill confidence in you with regards to your new gutter system. Don’t hesitate to make a spectacular improvement to your [seolocation] home and contact us today!