The Advantages of LeafGuard over Gutter Screens

When it comes to keeping your gutters clog-free, there is no better choice than the LeafGuard System. Unfortunately, there are many aftermarket gutter protection products that just don’t hold up as well as our system. However, [seolocation] homeowners are sometimes fooled into buying those because they are a cheap option that can be installed over your existing gutters. Even from that perspective, these products still come up short. Chances are that clogged gutters aren’t your only problem, especially if debris was allowed to buildup in them. Strong buildup can also lead to sags, leaks, and even breaks in your gutter system.  With that in mind, it’s quite apparent that if you have a problem with clogged gutters, you need to get your entire system checked out too. That’s where LeafGuard[oflocation] comes into play. We are a full-service gutter installation company whose product is far superior to that of any aftermarket gutter protection including gutter screens.

The reason we mention screens is because they are the most often used aftermarket gutter guard since they are cheap and easily installed. However, we encourage [seolocation] homeowners be wary of DIY jobs, especially when those jobs include a process that may void your roof’s warranty. The risk of voiding the warranty on your roof isn’t the only con of aftermarket gutter protection products. They are also found to be less effective than you had intended. Gutter screens in particular still allow smaller debris such as pine needles and seeds to fall into your gutters. This can lead to growth of plant life in your gutters, which can lead to far greater damage to your home’s roof and fascia board if left unattended. Additionally, gutter screens are more prone to being pulled off by high winds or damaged by falling branches, snow, or ice.

Choosing to have gutters installed by the friendly team at LeafGuard[oflocation] helps you avoid many of these issues. The patented one-piece gutter protection system we use is designed to keep your home free of water damage and not put your roof’s warranty in jeopardy. The design is unique in that it has a built-in hood so no aftermarket cover is needed. Additionally, the cover is solid and completely covers the top of the gutters. This means that absolutely nothing gets in except for the water that it’s designed to redirect. By using the principle of liquid adhesion, our gutters take water in through the opening at the front of our gutter system. Stay away from gaudy aftermarket covers that just don’t live up to the hype, instead contact us to schedule a free consultation about fitting your [seolocation] home with the only seamless one-piece gutter protection system.